Jonathan L. Lampel Is The Founder And President Of Leasequip Inc

June 24, 2015
Jonathan L. Lampel is the founder and President of LeasEquip Inc. He founded the company in 1981 and, since that day, has provided high quality services. LeasEquip Inc. helps other companies to thrive by providing them with financial options and alternatives. This means offering commercial leases and loans with its own capital. Since 1981, Jonathan L. Lampel and LeasEquip Inc. have funded more than six-hundred such commercial leases and loans for their clients. They have provided credit-oriented facilities to a number of industries and service businesses. Recently, LeasEquip Inc. has handled transactions in the aerospace, manufacturing, medical, finance, entertainment, and construction fields, amongst others. Whether the company needs debt restructuring including a revolving line of credit or equipment sale lease-back, LeasEquip Inc. is the company to go to for help. Jonathan L. Lampel is proud of the company he has build and the number of clients he has been able to help along the way.